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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Syrian revolution on campus - Features - Al Jazeera English

The Syrian revolution on campus - Features - Al Jazeera English

AUKU di Syria.... mula mula baca, rasa macam universiti di Malaysia... sebab no politics in campus dan ada SB di dalam Universiti menyamar jadi students...

'Deadliest day' in Syria uprising - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

'Deadliest day' in Syria uprising - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

TV3/RTM Syria...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Proton : my answer to Mahathir's blog post

This is my comment to a post by Mahathir in his blog about protectionism of Proton titled Protectionism...(he tried to defence the automotive policy set by him - high tax on imported cars and high price with low quality for proton cars).

In the 80s (BP - before proton) , my father bought a toyota corolla for a RM10k and sold it 10 years later for RM12k... when he bought the car... he made a 3 years loan... and at that time the maximum was 5 years loan to purchase the car.... now..???? The minimum is 7 years loan for an affordable repayment.. and most are on 9 years loan....????

What does a 9 years loan means???? the car will be a 9 years old car and it's a old car already... and people had to buy a new one to replace it (especially for a proton)... which leads us people to be all the time under loan servicing....

During my father's time - before proton... after 3 years, they already finished their payment for the car loan and the car is still in a very good condition...

Now... To maximized the usability of their car, to service them at least for 10 years, they bought imported cars which is more quality than proton...
This is the reason why Proton market share is reduced to 35% now....

So what Proton should do???
1. Make more quality cars so that we don't have to buy Japanese cars to last for 10 years at least... Proton should start with improving the power window first.... Be stright with their suppliers which now supply Proton with sub standard components...
2. reduce the Proton price at least to the price that we sell in other countries... (which is much cheaper than in Malaysia)... if we can sell it with that price oversea.. why can't we sell it at the same price in our own country..??? if not we still has 'bermentaliti dijajah' in our minds... we should look after our own people first...! when Proton is cheaper... and with high quality... people will buy proton volunteraly... no need for high imported car tax anymore... with cheaper protons, means less years to service the car loans.. and more money can be save for other things... or to buy another proton....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nigerian election VS Malaysian election

Looks like election in Nigeria is more free than in Malaysia... We are worse than this African country... with public rally... TV station coverage on opposition parties and a live debate.... watch it yourselves....


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pilihanraya Sarawak : Malaysiakini menjadi mangsa serangan

Update: mirror site di pun sudah kena attack pada tengah hari 13 April....

A cyber attack beginning at 11am today shut down Malaysiakini servers simultaneously, making the website inaccessible to readers four days ahead of the Sarawak election.

The Malaysiakini technical team has determined it to be a denial-of-service attack, where an attacker uses computers in different parts of the world to swarm Malaysiakini servers to the point that they are unable to cope with the massive traffic.

Both our servers, which are hosted at two data centres – TM Brickfields and Jaring – have been affected by the attack. It is learnt that the attack was launched from overseas.

Malaysiakini has posted all of today’s reports in Facebook. Readers can access Malaysiakini in full via Facebook Notes.

We will soon be making our reports, especially those on the Sarawak election, available on or

For Malaysiakini’s Chinese-language website, please go to and

For Bahasa Malaysia, go to

Malaysiakini is also working to bring up a new set of servers.

We apologise for the technical problem and we will keep readers informed of developments via Facebook and Twitter.

Similar to attacks on ‘Sarawak Report’

The attack on Malaysiakini came three days after Sarawak Report, a website which has been critical of Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, was shut down by a similar assault.

According to site founder Clare Rewcastle Brown, the attacks has been building up with interruptions over the past week, culminating in a concerted attack over the weekend.

She explained that web experts said it was a distributed denial of service attack – the type that brought down Wikileaks at one time.

In a DOS attack, multiple bots, or programmes running on servers or personal computers in different countries are used to bombard a site’s server with multiple requests to view the site.

The ‘bots’ will repeat the request for data so many times they flood the server, beyond its ability to respond.

Sarawak Report has this morning moved to a new address –

Alternative websites where you can access Malaysiakini for FREE:



Sunday, April 10, 2011

Utusan dah kemarau isu/idea....

Aik.... dah tak ada berita yang lebih penting lagi ka sampai Anwar berang pasai soalan tentang jam Omega pun boleh jadi front page news....???? Ni lawak apa ni...?? Lawak UMNO/Utusan Meloya kot....??? Mana berita pilihanraya Sarawak??? Mana laporan ucapan Najib di Kuching semalam???? Mana berita/gambar Bik Mama Rosmah tu???? Mana berita serangan terhadap PAS/PKR/DAP??? Atau dah Utusan Meloya dah bankrup/kemarau idea/isu dah???

Tapi adakah Anwar berang seperti dilapor oleh Utusan Meloya....??? sila lihat video berikut....

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Datuk Yahya Yeop Ishak : pegawai memerintah polis dalam peristiwa Memali

Anda masih ingat dengan peristiwa Memali...?? pegawai memerintah polis didalam peristiwa Memali adalah Datuk Yahya Yeop... dan ini maklumat tahun 2006 yang saya perolehi mengenai beliau....

In the other incident, a three-storey bungalow in Damansara Heights owned by former Federal CID director Datuk Yahya Yeop Ishak, 73, is believed to have been destroyed after lightning struck the home. The Gamuda Holdings director received a phone call from his maid about 3.30m telling him the house was on fire. His wife and fellow former senior police officer, Datuk Zakiah Laidin, son, Hasni, a daughter-in-law, for grandchildren and four maids were in the house when it caught fire. They escaped without injury.

The lightning strike is believed to have caused a short circuit in a bedroom, razing the house in minutes. City Fire & Rescue Department senior operations commander Anuar Harun said the fire was brought under control in 25 minutes by 48 firemen from the Jalan Hang Tuah, Sentul and Sri Hartamas fire stations.

“About 80% of the third floor was destroyed while the first and second floors did not suffer from extensive damage,” he said. Yahya, who was not at home at the time, was thankful no one was hurt when the fire broke out. “I told my maid to make sure everyone got out,” said Yahya, who retired from the police force in 1987.

Tu dia... UMNO kedah kantoi dengan audit...

Febuari lepas UMNO Selangor dan GAPS membuat bising kata terdapat "penyelewengan wang rakyat yang dilakukan oleh PKR Selangor" yang dituduh "menyalahgunakan wang rakyat apabila membiayai penginapan kira-kira 500 perwakilan pada Kongres PKR tahun lalu yang kesemuanya berjumlah RM80,500."...

Tau tau yang dibuktikan oleh audit yang menyalahgunakan wang rakyat untuk kepentingan parti adalah UMNO Kedah... sila tengok ni...

Duit GLC KEDAH depa belanja buat program UMNO..!!

Update :
dan lagi dokumen boleh dilihat di sini... (right click dan select 'copy image location' dan paste kat net browser windows/tab)

Dalam isu Khutbah Jumaat di Pulau Pinang dan Non-Muslim masuk kedalam Masjid, ianya menyerlahkan akan KEJAHILAN pemimpin UMNO tentang hukum hakam Islam... Other Related Posts