Thursday, August 6, 2009

Social ills: prevention should be from many directions

In reference to Malaysiakini 'Your say'

Some people when commenting about the restrictions proposed by PAS Selangor on the sale of alcohol in Muslim Majority area commented that "I do not need laws and restriction in my environment to be a good practicing Muslim.. it's up to me whether I do right or wrong"... or " as a good Muslims, they should know that alcohol is haram and they should not drink it" or "we should be instilling values and religious teachings for our respective races. If this is done appropriately and effectively, the choices one makes would reflect our true religious values even if we are in the midst of bad influences" .or "If you want to stop alcohol-related sins, start with education, for example, and voluntary social conditioning".

Then by those logics, I would like to say.. "then why not legalized all the drugs... as we are good Muslims or good citizens of Malaysia, we should restrain ourselves from taking drugs".. or.. "we should abolish laws on rape and robbery as we are good citizens of Malaysia, and it's up to me to do right or wrong and .. or we should have no laws at all as we, good citizens of Malaysia do not need laws and restriction in our environment to be a good citizens... it's up to us weather we do right or wrong... we should strive to be "good" individuals as required by our creed and religion" and we should know these things are bad and we should not do it... ???

But why we still have laws on drugs, rape, robbery and many others??? This means that laws and regulations are needed and it should be in coexistence with the human development to be a good citizen or to be a good Muslims... we need laws on rape.. on drug abuse.. regulation on the alcohol sale.. and so on.. so that there will be a protection to us as in the same time we must have education for self avoidance and voluntary social conditioning among us... Not everybody can be educated like these "good citizens" / "good Muslims".. it need to be from both direction or more... from laws and regulations as well as from our inner-selves... or many others. Without laws and regulations.. these social ills such as incest and alcoholism will be more serious in this country.

Of course there are more "serious issues" in this country.. but we cannot close one eye on the "small issues" as these small issues might related to the 'big issues". In this context, PAS Selangor did focus on the 'whole picture'... not just the 'bigger picture' or the 'small picture'.


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