Thursday, January 24, 2008

Zunar's Cartoonkini was out-joked!!!

At, I love Zunar's cartoon - the Cartoonkini.... which always poking fun at politicians especially the BN ones. But guess... what happen to this cartoonkini this week??? Zunar was out-joked by what happened at the Lingam Video Royal Commission of Inquiry.... All these thanks to the answers given by 4 person involved.... Then where did these people got their "jokes" from...?? Maybe this are their sources of references....

Tun Mahathir might got that phrase from the movie "Total Recall"... by Arnold Susahnakeja... that current California gov'nor lah....
Tengku Adnan from "The Simpsons" - Homer at Moe's Tavern probably...
Tun Eusoff Chin.... from "Band Of Brothers".. hehehe
and VK Linggam... of course he is Groolinggam from Groo the wanderer "Hell On Earth" ... from that stupid looking, barbarian, idiot, mendicant moron name Groo ... (please refer to )

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