Monday, January 21, 2008


I'm a comic lover and one of my favourite cartoonist is Sergio Aragones and Groo The Wanderer is a comic character created by him.

BTW... look at this picture....
(click on the image for a bigger view)

the dialogue reads like this :
"That is easy! first of all they would have weapon like we do! "
"and they would have uniforms like we do !"
"and they are probably led by a stupid ugly general like... "

and VK Lingam said this at the commission (as reported by
malaysiakini ) :
'It looks like me, it sounds like me'

Maybe we already have our own Groo.... in form of VK Lingam....

Lingam : I'm grooed... did I err???


multidimid said...

Now what was the original motive when a Copy of the Clip was given to lawyer Manjit Singh? The Lohs were not happy as they could not get a fees refund from Lingam and Manjit was not paid his fees. Lingam was acting for Loh’s father and Lingam was sued by Loh’s mother over a matrimony case. So was it revenge & hatred? Never mind about Anwar’s motive.
Further Lingam says “It looks like me and it sounds like me”. He said he was not going to say anything more until the original recording had been verified. The defence of Lingam’s hinges on his IMPOSSIBLE demand of the “original” copy of the Video Clip. It was first recorded in a memory card and resided in the Sony 707 Digi camera. The purpose of the memory card is for recording purpose and has limited capacity and its full content must be transferred out for further use. So the “original” is lost forever and Lingam is now insisting that without the original he cannot get the clip verified as he had read literature and research that states “that authenticity cannot be established without the original recording and when he had the original recording, he would send it to his consultants to verify its authenticity”. In this he must have been grossly misled. A duplicate would faithfully reproduce the original otherwise how will the “original” CDs and Cassettes be made for sale? More details at
Go H E R E

Anak Perelih said...

Multimid... i hope they will consult the experts on the digital video as you've mentioned.... not depends on the old technologies where tapes were used. BTW... lawyers and judges are the ones most reluctant to the new technologies....

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