Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Malaysiakini interview with Rashit... will be republished.

A few days ago, I wrote to Malaysiakini's editor for them to republish interviews with SPR's Rashit conducted 4 years ago, which he admitted that EC is not free and under government direction, the reason of redelianation of constituencies boundries and many more.

Yesterday, i got a reply from Malaysiakini's Steven Gan. He mentioned that they "plan to do so in the coming days."

So here it is guys....
Q&A: EC not meant to be 'fully' independent
Q&A: 'I cannot do anything, my hands are tied'
Q&A: They're 'planted', not phantom voters

Bersih... use that to expose who is this Rashit and SPR... and in your demands for clean and fair election.
Opposition parties... use it well....

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