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Kenapa kita perlu BERSIH... ini buktinya

Update :

Dan l;agi banyak senarai boleh dilihat disini. Anda boleh semak sendiri di http://daftarj.spr.gov.my/semakdm/

Berita ini telah disiarkan oleh Malaysiakini dan saya copy & paste dari blog Say No To BN untuk versi penuh. Sila baca...

Stuffed ballot box, ‘clone voters’ found

Even as the nation closely follows the tug-of-war between Bersih 2.0 and the government over the rally for reforms, more flaws have been exposed in the electoral system.

The latest allegations include a case in the Sarawak election in mid-April where the number of ballots cast at one polling centre exceeded the total number of registered voters there.

The second complaint was about cases of ‘clone’ voters who have the same name but a different MyKad number and voting address.

Malaysian Election Observation Network (MEO-Net) coordinator Ong Boon Keong, who was stationed in Sarawak throughout the campaign period to monitor the election, said the first case was found at SK Pasai Siong Tengah in the rural constituency of Tamin.

The electoral roll published by the Election Commission (EC) showed that the polling centre has 236 registered voters.

BN candidate Joseph Mauh Ikeh polled 251 votes, while PKR candidate Mengga Mikui secured 53 votes. Their joint tally of 304 votes exceeded the total on the electoral roll by 68.

“We demand that the EC investigates and rectifies the result,” said Ong who suspects that the ballot boxes were stuffed.

“We detected it in this polling centre only because the number of ballots cast exceeded the number of registered voters.

“Ballot boxes may have been stuffed elsewhere in the constituency but the number would have been within the registered total. As such, we were not able to detect manipulation.”

Ong also pointed out that the average voter turnout statewide was 70 percent in this election.

However, Tamin recorded 72.6 percent when the normal turnout was less than the 70 percent for rural seats.

Joseph Mauh obtained a total of 4,998 votes to win the seat with a 1,292-majority over Mengga, who finished with 3,706 votes in the predominantly Iban area.

However, Ong said an official complaint has yet to be filed with the EC as a full report is still being compiled.

Malaysiakini attempted to contact Sarawak EC but was told the state director will only be available next week.

After the election campaign, MEO-Net had alleged that Joseph Mauh had bought votes, but he argued that the RM50 payout was ‘transport allowance‘ to encourage voters to cast their ballots.

Double identity discovered
The second flaw in the electoral system was raised by PKR Indera Mahkota MP Azan Ismail at a press conference on Monday in Kuantan.

He said that, after an hour-long check of the EC online system, he and his colleagues found more that 60 individuals with a double identity in the electoral roll.

According to the information he obtained, the names appeared twice in the electoral roll with the same old identity card (IC) number but with a different MyKad number and address.

Some of the names appeared in varying formats, such as ‘N Punniamoorthy A/L A Nadarajan’ and ‘N Puniamoorthy’.

“The electoral roll now shows that they are eligible to vote twice. Most of the ‘clone’ identities are registered in different polling localities but in the same constituency,” he told Malaysiakini yesterday.

“We don’t know whether these ‘clone voters’ have two MyKads with different numbers but obviously there is something seriously wrong.”

Malaysiakini verified Azan’s allegation by checking the EC online system, using the old IC number and MyKad number of individuals whose names were provided by Azan.

He claimed that many more people had approached him after the irregularities were reported, which raised the total number of ‘clone voters’ to more than 100.

“EC should admit there are problems with the electoral system and make a commitment to resolve these before the next general election,” he added.


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