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Kenapa perlu BERSIH 2.0 : Import/phantom voters, an UMNO/BN - SPR joint venture job?

Artikel ini saya tulis pada tahun 2002 dan telah diterbitkan pada 6 September 2002 oleh
Inilah sebab kenapa kita perlukan BERSIH 2.0. Pihak PAS dan pembangkang telah lama dah kompleh dan berunding dengan pihak SPR tetapi ianya masih berlaku walaupun komplen dahulu ada yang telah diambil tindakan dan ada yang tidak diambil tindakan sehingga kini.

Import/phantom voters, an UMNO/BN - SPR joint venture job?

During 1999 general election, one of my friend who's parents are PAS supporters from Serdang discovered that he was supposed to vote in Klang, the place where he's not familiar with. So because of this he cannot vote during the election. Some of my friends at the University also discovered that their names are missing from the list that they check the previous week, and they too cannot vote. One of my friend at my hometown too discovered that his name is also missing from the electoral list and these people are young voters. There were also cases being reported that many people got transferred to vote at places thay had not been reached such as people from selangor found themself as voters in Kedah and they had never been to Kedah.

I too discovered that my name was missing one year after 1999 general election which I voted for the first time at my hometown (according to the address of my IC). Eventhough my parents are UMNO people, but I voted for PAs during the election. I feared that somebody knew of which party i voted that my name had gone missing after the election. but I had reregistered back.

Utusan malaysia 27/04/1999 had a news about PAs allegation that people (PAS supporters) being transferred in masses to other location without their knowledge so that they cannot vote. You can read the news at

Then after Pendang/Anak Bukit election, there was a case where one PAs supporters from Pendang found his name registered in Perak with a wiered address.

Then, during 1999 general election too there was some allegation that some wierd IC number had pop up from SPR's such as 999999999999, A0000000 which is impossible and 0000005,0000010, 0000012 to 0000019 and siblings who were born in different years but have a serialize IC number. (I still have those search result which I saved from SPR's website). At that time the SPR's Semakan Daftar Pemilih 2001 home page at still only requires user to give their IC number only. Now we have to give full name in capital letters. Maybe to discourage people to randomely check for suspicious IC number as what happened during the 1999 general election. There was an allegation too that in Kubang Pasu (Dr. Mahathir's area) there was a serialized IC number in the voters list with wierd birth date - around 5000 names if I'm not mistaken.

during Indera Kayangan by-election, we can see that more that 700 postal votes are counted in Kangar but in the same time, the number of police personnel in Kangar is a lot less than 700. 700 can be the number of police personnel in Perlis, not Kangar alone and of course all policemen in Perlis do not resides in Kangar or Kampung Bakau to be more specific. I Guar Syed Alwi which in 1999 general election was won by opposition, suddently was won by BN i the by-election

Then we got the Likas phantom voters court case, the Sungai siput case, the Lunas case mand many more which is not reported as there is not strong enough proof.

From what I've mentioned above, we can find that opposition/PAS supporters did being transfered to other location.. but not to make opposition/PAS win the seat, but to make tham unable to vote, thus making opposition/PAs to lose in many areas. Names too gone missing especially those who are identified as opposition supporters. Then there are people with wierd address or wierd IC number too in the electoral list produced by SPR especially during 1999 general election. these kind of tactic only benefited the BN/UMNO, not the opposition/PAS, thus the one who are responsible for the phantom voters are the BN/UMNO. then BN/UMNO through SPR had made a plan to legally transfer their voters (importing voters) to areas controlled by PAS using the proposed electoral redelineation as mentioned by PAS' Kedah commissioner Azizan Abdul Razak as

“During the seminar we anticipated that there would be redelineation and true enough our suspicions were correct. In working towards victory, we advised that if a change of electoral boundaries takes place, PAS members should relocate to follow the new boundary.

“For example, the three state seats Langgar, Bukit Lada and Tanjung Seri were under the Pokok Sena parliament. But now Tanjung Seri has been relocated under the Alor Setar parliamentary constituency. So we advise our members to shift to Alor Setar to continue their activities. That is all and not as alleged by Umno"

if the SPR had been sabotaged as aledged by Kementerian Dalam Negeri deputy minister, Datuk Zainal Abidin Zin, then UMNO/BN is the culprit and the KDN investagation is politically motivated against the opposition and trying to force SPR to bow to UMNO/BN needs.

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