Monday, July 4, 2011

UMNO Derhaka Raja Raja Melayu.

sila lihat apa yang telah di katakan oleh pemimpin pemimpin UMNO terhadap raja raja Melayu... Sesungguhnya UMNO telah mendurhaka kepada Raja Raja Melayu dengan kata kata ini.... Ini tak masuk lagi dengan banner "natang' di terengganu dan orang Shahidan Kasim menendang pagar Istana Arau lagi .

"The leaders have warned the rulers many times about ethics and told them that they could not continue doing certain things. It is not necessary to talk further.
We have talked with the rulers many times before and it is now time for action." –
Nazri Aziz, Umno Youth deputy and senator in New Straits Times, Dec 29, 1992.

"If rulers interfere in politics and it is proven, we want the Parliament to declare the election is illegal and cancelled. In business, if rulers’ involvement is proven, we should assume the business is illegal." –
Nazri Aziz, Umno executive council member in Utusan Malaysia, Dec 3, 1990.

"I would like to ask, how insulted do you feel when the Sultan of Kelantan does not invite our menteri besar to give a speech on behalf of the people each time His Majesty celebrates his coronation day whereas the people had chosen the menteri besar through their rights." -
Nazri Aziz, Umno Youth Exco in Utusan Malaysia, Nov, 30, 1990.

"A ruler will enjoy the respect of his people even without the immunity but with the conduct that is appropriate with his office. Though the issue is a bitter pill to swallow, our rulers must accept the fact that immunity is not God given." –
Muhyiddin Yassin, Johor Menteri Besar, New Straits Times, Dec 27, 1992.

"A great idea or change cannot be stopped even by a battalion when its time has come. If he loves the throne he will make sacrifices to make the subjects happy." –
Sanusi Junid, Agriculture Minister, New Straits Times, Dec 23, 1992.

"As the country’s highest legislative body, any subject is allowed to be discussed and concluded in the Dewan Rakyat, including matters pertaining to the rulers." -
Zahir Ismail, Dewan Rakyat speaker in New Straits Times, Dec 15, 1992.

"If this race was not sovereign, don’t expect the sovereignty of rulers." –
Saharudin Hashim, Negri Sembilan Umno delegate, Mingguan Malaysia, Dec 2, 1990.

"We don’t want the palace to impose various conditions before appointing the menteri besars" –
Mohd Satim, Selangor Umno delegate, Utusan Malaysia, Dec 3, 1990

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