Friday, July 8, 2011

Kenapa SPR perlu dibersihkan supaya adil

Cuba lihat siapakah persuruhjaya SPR... ex SB, Ex orang kuat KEMAS yang jadi alat UMNO, ex setiausaha akhbar KM Sabah (sure lantikan politik org kuat BN) selama ini, ... yg ex SUK dan Ex ketua setiausaha kementerian tu kita boleh la anggap OK jugak... ni ada bekas alat UMNO ??? bebas ke SPR ni??? Dengan orang macam ni boleh SPR berlaku adil ke????

'Have more professionals as EC commissioners'
Jul 8, 11 6:34pm
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Compared to other commissions, the composition of commissioners of the Election Commission is seen as not being independent as it is mainly comprised of retired civil servants.

Calling for more professionals and eminent people from all levels of society to be part of its line-up, election watchdog Malaysians for Free and Fair Elections (Mafrel) said this would help ensure the transparency and independence which are needed for the commission to be relevant.

Mafrel also called for the laws on the EC to be reviewed or amended to reflect this and to increase the composition to include more independent-minded people in it.

syed ibrahim syed nohMafrel chairperson Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh (right) said at present, the EC commissioners are appointed by the Agong on the advice of the minister.

“Hence, the appointment and composition are not seen as being independent and may lack the professionalism necessary for such an important and transparent task. Ideally, one of the commissioners must have a legal background or be a respected former judge,” he said.

Syed Ibrahim was asked to comment on the composition of the EC's eight commissioners who mainly consist of retired civil servants and do not have a legal background.

NONEEC chairperson Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof (left) started off as a statistician, but is better known as a former secretary-general of the Home Ministry. His previous posts included being state secretary to Malacca and Singapore. His deputy Wan Ahmad Wan Omar is a former diplomat and had held the post of EC secretary between 1998 and 2004.

Kamaruddin Mohamed Baria, the EC secretary, is also a former diplomat and chief administrator of the parliament, while fellow panel members Jamdin Buyong was a former assistant editor in a daily and a former press secretary to the Sabah chief minister; while Zainal Abidin Mat Said was a former district officer and Pahang state secretary.

Another panellist, Mohamad Ramji Alli, was a former Sarawak Kemas director and has been a panel member since 2000; Dr P Manogran was a former secretary-general of the Human Resources Ministry; and Christopher Wan Soo Kee was a former Special Branch officer and former Malacca and Penang police chief.

Syed Ibrahim said looking at the background of the panellists and commissioners highlights what he had suspected all along.

“The commission should have people trusted by the majority of the rakyat. However at present this does not happen,” he said.

“The composition does not reflect the true independent nature which is needed by the EC for it to be seen as transparent for people to exercise their democratic rights,” he said.

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